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Krishna Valley; an Eco farm community and Europe’s largest center for the practice of the Vaisnava spiritual tradition, is welcoming you to join us on one or more of our retreats.

Come spend a weekend with us and get a deeper insight into Krishna-Valley’s lifestyle and spiritual practices. With it’s breathtaking scenery and beautifully constructed and maintained temple, participants will have the best surroundings for their transcendental experience.

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Retreat options

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Inner Harmony Weekend

Experience meditation on a higher level. connect to your inner self while being surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of Krishna Valley. Learn all there is to know about mantra meditation and more.

Retreat fees
31.000 Ft – 80.000 Ft
Spiritual Pilgrimage Tours +

Every week a different topic. Come join us on a short journey into Krishna Valley’s lifestyle, culture, and spiritual practice. Join our guided tour all the way from the reception desk and up to the temple, add to it a comfy overnight stay at our guesthouse and delicious meals and we guarantee you an unforgettable stay.

Retreat Fees
16.000 Ft – 41.000 Ft
Spiritual Immersion Retreat

An opportunity to disconnect from everyday life and channel into a higher reality. Leave all your electronics at home and take a deep into a monks life for a weekend. Join us for a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Retreat fees
66.500 Ft – 104.000 Ft

What People Say About Us

You Are in Good Hands

Beautiful scenery. It’s a possibility to get to know other cultures. Walking to the temple next to the water is really worthwhile. The meals at the restaurant are delicious, not more expensive than a fast food chain.

Ferenc40, Szeged

One of my favorite locations, we visit here repeatedly on our vacations at Lake Balaton. A bit of Indian culture here, in the middle of Europe. It always makes me happy to see them evolving, they have built a new building and a park area too. Calmness, peace, love. Even just to take a look at the everyday life of this community is really interesting: faith, eco-agriculture, yoga, education, vegetarian / vegan food, everyone can find something fascinating

Zsuzsanna 35, Budapest
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